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I joined Premiot Group after many years of experience in managing and developing people from medium-sized companies to large corporations. I see the difference between Premiot Group and other corporations every day, both in the work atmosphere and the approach to its customers. Despite its international structure, Premiot retains the corporate culture of a Czech family business, and I realize that it is people who it sees as its most valuable investment.

This is also why we choose new colleagues very carefully. The personal profile of our future co-workers, and making sure that decency and respect are a part of their nature, is very important to us. Premiot is developing fast; it is constantly acquiring new projects, making it necessary for us to learn new things. Everyday challenges and a fast pace are not for everyone, but if that's what you're looking for, I'm sure you'll love working at Premiot Group."

Tomáš Mužík
HR Director, Premiot Group

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Family company background

5 weeks of holiday

5 sickdays


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