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Premiot Capital Fund SICAV and its three subfunds give you an opportunity to invest into a qualified investor fund and participate in carefully vetted projects from our investment portfolio. PREMIOT investment group bears direct responsibility for the individual projects and invests their own means into them.

"Founding the Premiot investment group, the main shareholder of PREMIOT Capital Fund SICAV, was a natural result of more than two decades of experience I started gathering in 1999. After so many years in buisness and operating in the field of investments I know that a stable and long-term yield requires time and effort.

This is why in terms the whole investment group I make sure that all investment projects we execute are carefully vetted and only built on strong foundations. This is the only way to fulfill all of our commitments as well as our vision, which is building long-term relationships with our investors and business partners."

Ondrej Spodniak, LL.M.
Founder and Chairman of the Supervisory Board
PREMIOT Capital Fund SICAV a.s.

Investment Fund with Tradition

Ever since it was founded, PREMIOT Capital Fund SICAV a.s. has been working on its reputation as a serious partner with an excellent orientation in the field and strong execution capabilities. In terms of our investment strategy we assert a conservative approach to investments with focus on diversification and long-term stability of the portfolio.

We emphasize mainly investment opportunities into vetted projects. We grow together, in the long term and with assurance. We simply do what we believe in!


  • Experienced and qualified investors.
  • Investors who want to have a share in the project's profit in addition to a fixed interest income.
  • Investors who prefer long-term investments lasting at least 4 years.
  • Investors seeking a licensed entity in the market that follows the appropriate mechanisms (depositary oversight, independent valuation and statutory audit).
  • Investors looking for interesting acquisition projects.


  • Above-standard expected return on shares.
  • Professional fund provider: AVANT investiční společnost, a.s.
  • Professional background of a successful international company with many years of experience.

6.3 %

Preferential share on the profit of the fund up to 6.3 % p.a. with priority investment shares.

0 %

Taxation of shareholders when repurchasing after three years of holding the shares.

Profit is our priority

We guarantee a minimum yield of the priority investment shares of 6.3 % p.a., even in case of a lower yield or a loss of the fund. The guarantee is provided through a redistribution of the fund capital from the holders of the performance investment shares (fund founders) for the benefit of the holders of the priority investment shares (external investors) up to the amount of the fund capital that is assigned to the performance investment shares. Investments into real assets with a stable value growth. You can find our projects at real addresses, you can see and touch them.

Professional background of a successful international company Premiot Group, a.s. with long-standing experience. The fund founder has a high expertise and rich experience with real estate development and other projects. Diversification of investments into various projects in carefully selected locations within the EU.

What we invest in

Our investments contribute to the development of both traditional and new industries.

Investment Process

Client's Investment

The minimum value of the initial investment is 125 000,– EUR (the equivalent of 1 mil. CZK).

Acquisition into Projects

Direct and indirect investments into Real Estate and Private Equity projects.

Added Value

Long-term appreciation of the invested means – an investment into real assets with a stable value growth.

Profit for the Investor

Guarantee of a minimum yield of the priority shares of 6.3 % p.a.

Our Team

Ondrej Spodniak

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

David Juras

Member of the Supervisory Board

Marek Labuda

Member of the Investment Committee

Martin Harašta

Member of the Investment Committee

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Lucie Zielinová

Lucie Zielinová

Member of the Investment Committee

+420 608 341 811

PREMIOT Capital Fund SICAV a.s.
ID: 07943687
VAT ID: CZ07943687

File number: Municipal Court of Prague, section B, insert 24248
Data box: xnrxaxq

Fund Regulatory Body
Czech National Bank
Professional Fund Provider
AVANT investiční společnost, a.s.
Depositary Bank of the Fund
Československá obchodní banka, a. s.
Auditor of the Fund
PKF APOGEO Audit, s.r.o.

PREMIOT Capital Fund SICAV a.s. is a qualified investor fund. Only a qualified investor can become an investor in the fund, pursuant to Section 272, Act 240/2013 Coll. on investment companies and investment funds. The investment company is bringing to the investors’ attention the fact that the value of their investment into the fund can decrease or increase and the return of the originally invested amount is not guaranteed.

The fund’s performance in the previous period does not guarantee the same or higher performance in the future. Investments into the fund are expected to reach their yield through medium-term and long-term holding, which is why it is not suitable for short-term speculations. Potential investors should weigh mainly specific risks that can result from the investment targets of the fund, as laid out in its Statutes.

The investment targets are reflected in the recommended investment horizon, as well as in the fees and costs of the fund. Detailed information is laid out in the fund’s statutes and its Key Information Statement, which is available at…i-povinnost/. The information can be obtained in paper form at the registered office AVANT investiční společnost, a.s. CITY TOWER, Hvězdova 1716/2b,140 00 Praha 4 – Nusle.

Information on personal information processing related to Act 110/2019 Coll. on personal information processing is available at the website of AVANT investiční společnost, a.s.
Other important information for investors is available at…e-informace/.